Capital Raising

Bardi Management Group have established a strategic alliance with Jeram Partners and thus we are able to offer a wide range of services in the area of capital raising, succession [planning, mergers and acquisitions of companies and assets. This alliance enables us to bring to clients a full range of services from business valuations, growth strategies and company health checks. Includes is also review of company performances and due diligence reports.
Our Services include:
1.0 Corporate Services
Through Jeram Partners Bardi Management Group Pty Limited provides a range of corporate services to business and private individuals. This service which is provide by Jeam Partners is a strategic alliance by our company to provide additional services within the Bardi Management family of clients.
We treat a business or commercial interest itself as an investment which has to be developed and nurtured. This provides the sound foundation for the development of an asset that may be sold or passed onto future generations.
Our work together in  this area ranges from the conceptual stage up to an including a disposal of a business. 
This includes:-

  • Business planning
  • Developing a viable financial model
  • Meeting capital needs through our association with the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board and the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Market entry into Australian and offshore markets
  • Exit and succession planning
  • Merger and/or acquisition

2.0 Investment and Private Client Area
Jeram Partners also provide as part of their specialist services to Bardi Management for the wealth of our clients by developing investment portfolios of diverse assets (including business interests) and provide for the protection and transition of such assets. The investment philosophy followed by Jeram Partners is creating investment portfolios in which they:

  • Acquire an understanding of the client and their needs
  • Analyze risk factors and means by which to manage them
  • Using of appropriate investment structures: we favour the use of a self managed superannuation fund
  • Acquire a clear understanding of the investment asset, it’s characteristics and the impact upon a blended portfolio
  • Understand the investment principles of the asset and how exposure to growth or income is captured and transferred to the investor
  • Understand tax liabilities that attach to an investment
  • Test portfolios
  • Develop portfolios based on long term trends and themes

3.0 Jeram Partners Specialist Areas of Practice

  • Investment management
  • Self Managed Superannuation; investment within such funds and transition of assets 
  • Succession and Generational Wealth Management; transition of assets to future generations and within family units
  • Foreign Asset and Pension Fund Transfers; management of assets for individuals and corporate entities entering or leaving Australia

4.0 Real Estate Investment Advisory
Jeram Partners also offer to client s of Bardi Management Group real estate advisory services. A key part of the heritage of Jeram Partners has been investment into commercial real estate whether in direct assets or through real estate investment trusts (REIT’s)
Jeram Partners  have brought together a team of experienced real estate and finance professionals to guide our clients in taking an analytical approach to real estate and how to achieve a desired outcome.
Their areas of expertise include:-

  • Creating blended portfolios comprising property, equities and bonds
  • The use of Self Managed Superannuation Funds to hold investment property
  • Developing a financial model for the asset
  • Developing compliant syndicates
  • Transactional support for projects and complex situations

For more details on how Bardi Management Group can assist you in these areas of finance and business development and wealth management call Barry Crockford to arrange a confidential meeting with Neil Jeram.


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